About us

APiJET is the leader in Connected Real-time Flight Intelligence.

Airlines and pilots can use real-time onboard contextual airplane data to monitor, analyze, alert and predict — to optimize flights and aircraft turns.

APiJET combines the industry knowledge, credibility and market access of AviationPartners, with the power and effectiveness of the iJet Technologies solution to deliver real returns to the airline customer.

The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Company milestones

2010 — iJet OnBoard founded as communications provider.

2014 — iJet OnBoard becomes iJet Technologies, shifts to onboard software data management.



Launch airline customer Icelandair.

Aviation Partners

Aviation Partners and iJet Joint Venture Formed;
Company name changes to APiJET.




Evaluation & Commercial Licenses.

STC Certification

B737NG FAA STC AID Server.



Digital Winglets

Product launch based on NASA TASAR.

Alaska Airlines

Commenced Trial.


Join our Partner Program

The APiJET Partner Program was created to ensure that all the components work well together.

Airline customers want the confidence in knowing all the components in an end-to-end solution will integrate and work well together and most importantly that APiJET and its partners are available to resolve any issues. The APiJET Proven Partner Program highlights those partners who have worked withus to prove our joint products and services work well together.

The APiJET Smart Aircraft™ System can interact with several different categories of technology. Each category has its own requirements and requires testing before becoming approved.


To ensure that data can be sent to and from the aircraft while inflight and on the ground.

Partners need to be able to provide the APiJET Smart Aircraft System an IP link as well as configure certain network attributes.

Software Applications & Sensors

Ability to send data to software applications and receive data from sensors, using RESTAPI, standardized ARINC interfaces (e.g. ARINC 834) or functional equivalents.

Consultant & Software vendors

Partners in this category have worked with the APiJET Smart Aircraft System, and are familiar with its capabilities and how aircraft data can help airline customers operate more efficiently.