Aircraft generate massive amounts of data every flight.

Yet crucial airplane data goes dark on takeoff — making it hard to be actionable in real-time by pilots in flight — or airline operations staff on the ground.

Getting access and analyzing this data represents a big opportunity for airlines.

Connected Real-time
Flight Intelligence

Use real-time onboard contextual airplane data to monitor, analyze, alert and predict — to optimize flights and aircraft turns.
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Combine predictive analytics with real-time aircraft data while integrating with your back-office systems to develop an enhanced situational awareness of the airline’s operations.

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Aircraft Health

Forward time-critical data to ground systems for off-board triage, trend analysis, and predictive analytics.

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Integrate real-time aircraft position and telemetry with ground-based data feeds to create a comprehensive picture of the operating environment.

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Smart Aircraft™ System

The Smart Aircraft System leverages existing airline avionics, IP communication links, and ground systems to provide actionable insights and intelligence to the right stakeholders at the right time.

Our solution employs a flexible, open architecture enabling airlines to solve a variety of current challenges.