Digital Winglets™

Saving time, fuel & the environment

Digital Winglets™ identify changing operating constraints in near real-time to deliver optimized flight routes that have the highest probability of ATC acceptance.


Empowering airlines to reduce carbon and achieve sustainability  

Choose from flexible workflows

Ground operations

For dispatch-driven control on the ground

Pilot-driven EFB

Enable pilots to react to changing flight conditions in real-time

Combined approach

Increase operational efficiency between dispatch and crew


Operations control driven
flight optimization

Provides dispatch predicted optimized alternative flight plans

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Integrate API data

Integrate API data stream into existing applications or view optimizations in stand-alone app

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Optimization thresholds

Set optimization thresholds to receive essential notifications

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Filter active flights

Filter active flights by assigned dispatcher


Pilot-driven route optimization

Pilots play an instrumental role in achieving fuel savings and sustainability goals. Digital Winglets is also available as an app on an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) to empower pilots.

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Continuous optimizations

React to changing conditions in near real-time by continuous optimizations en route

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Automation options

View optimization options for lateral, vertical, and combo reroute opportunities

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Intuitive interface

Start immediate adoption by providing intuitive interface that requires minimal training