Turnaround Management

Identify at-risk departures and potential bottlenecks before they occur and communicate them to your teams for immediate action.

Reach projected annual savings of over $25K per aircraft.

Turnaround Management


Airlines incur millions in delay-related costs annually. Careful management of aircraft turnaround operations is key to reducing these delays. Complexities with turnaround processes and relative lack of real-time information between aircraft systems, ground operations and teams responsible for turning an aircraft present a challenge, as well as an opportunity for airlines.


APiJET Turnaround Management is the only industry solution that provides real-time turn situational awareness and alerts minimizing delays. We apply predictive analytics to real-time aircraft data integrating with your back-office systems to develop a complete turnaround situational awareness and status.


Improve turn time efficiency.

Reduce costs associated with delays.

Get a situational snapshot of departure readiness.

Resolve your operational pain points in real-time.

Improve on-time performance.

Detect and address operational issues earlier.

Identify bottlenecks and critical path forward.

Avoid aircraft trapping aircraft at the gate.


Leading indicators for monitored aircraft turns
Development or integration application options
Real-time business intelligence