Digital Winglets™

Uncover hidden fuel and flight time efficiencies with Digital Winglets.

Account for aircraft performance, weather, and traffic considerations.

Digital Winglets (TASAR)


Airline flight plans are generated using the best information available at the time, but the operating environment is complex and dynamic, and the static flight plan data can quickly become stale by departure.


Digital Winglets is a flight optimization application that presents alternate route solutions to pilots for maximizing fuel and/or time savings during a flight.

The application identifies changing operating constraints in real-time, while a NASA-developed algorithm scans 500-800 routes per minute, enabling Digital Winglets to provide its optimized solutions with the highest probability of Air Traffic Control (ATC) acceptance.


Go green.

Unlock emission reduction opportunities exceeding a half-ton of CO2 or more per flight.

Get route savings.

Generates counterintuitive route savings opportunities for inflight aircraft.

Reduce fuel costs.

1.75% average fuel savings demonstrated over multiple airlines.

Improve safety and comfort.

Avoid turbulence and weather events.

Instant ATC feedback.

Immediate assessment of ATC re-routes.

Best option routing.

Intelligent ‘best option’ rerouting around weather obstacles.


Data consolidation
Weather updates
Advanced aircraft performance modeling
Intuitive, easy-to-use interface (UI)
Optimization solutions
Reporting dashboard
Offline mode

Learn how it works.

Smart Aircraft System
+ Aircraft Data
Smarter Operations

Smart Aircraft System

Integrates existing aircraft operational state data (ie weight, altitude), IPcommunication links, and airline ground systems into a single, connected service that gets the right information, to the right place, at the right time.

Digital Winglets

Leverages proprietary APiJET Actor™ technology to ingest aircraft information, perform real-time analytics, and provide optimized reroute solutions utilizing TASAR technology.