Connected Real-time Flight Intelligence

Use real-time onboard contextual airplane data to monitor, analyze, alert and predict, to optimize flights and aircraft turns.

opportunity: DARK DATA

Crucial airplane data is kept dark today in aircraft systems.

Pilots often make gut-based decisions, without access to real-time data — like turbulence, traffic congestion or winds.

Complexities with turnaround processes and relative lack of shared real-time information between aircraft systems, ground operations and teams responsible for turning an aircraft present a challenge.

For aircraft health monitoring, current solutions are constrained by limited data access and an inability to turn that data into early, actionable insights.

Access and analyze aircraft more efficiently. Create new opportunities for airlines.


Dark data is “the information assets organizations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes — eg analytics"


Connected Real-time
Flight Intelligence

Optimize flights and airplane turns.

Access actionable data.

Analyze and predict flghts in real-time, including weather avoidance.

Make turn management and flight monitoring more efficient.

Lower fuel consumption.

Optimize in-flight re-route planning to conserve valuable fuel.

Drive costs lower and reduce financial pressure on the business.

Improve sustainability.

Lower fuel consumption to reduce airline environmental impact.

Achieve environmental sustainability goals.