About us

APiJET, LLC is the company behind Digital Winglets™, the flight route optimization solution that provides real-time, conflict-free, alternative flight paths.

Digital Winglets continuously analyzes flight telemetry including aircraft performance, wind, restricted airspace, convective weather, turbulence, and conflicting traffic, recommending real-time, conflict-free re-routing.

Digital Winglets reduces fuel burn, flight time, and accelerates sustainability goals.

The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Founded by industry pioneer Joe Clark

In 2018, Clark founded real-time data-analytics service APiJET as a joint venture of Aviation Partners, Inc, and iJet Technologies. The goal: to turn airliners into smart aircraft. The resulting efficiencies improve an airline’s bottom line while also enhancing passengers’ travel experience.

Aviation Partners’ winglets becoming standard for thousands of Boeing airliners.

Connected Flight Intelligence

Use real-time onboard contextual airplane data to monitor, analyze, alert and predict, to optimize flights and aircraft turns.

Company Milestones

2010 — iJet OnBoard founded as communications provider

2014 — iJet OnBoard becomes iJet Technologies, shifts to onboard software data management


2015 — Launch airline customer Icelandair

Aviation Partners

2018 — Aviation Partners and iJet Joint Venture Formed; Company name changes to APiJET


2018-2019 — Evaluation and commercial licenses

STC Certification

2019 — B737NG FAA STC AID Server

Digital Winglets

2020 — Product launched based on NASA TASAR

Alaska Airlines

2020 — Commenced trial